In the company-internal data flow, our programming software eluCad is the bridge between the rod processing machine, which after all executes processing programs, and the programs for design and work preparation that are used to develop and concretise product ideas. The software world is large and complex, and subject to frequent, fast change: Our industry has programs such as LogiKal, Sch├╝cam, Wictop, Hueck-Tec, Stijene, C-Mol, Jopps, MAP, Picos FTF, CAD-Plan Athena, ISD Hicad Hicam, Graitec DSC, Bocad and products from still other suppliers. Only when the output formats of such programs can be directly processed by eluCad can the company-internal data flow work quickly and without loss. For these processes to succeed as well as possible, as interface experts we can write conversion programs for software used upstream of eluCad.

Connection problems?
We write conversion programs for design software
so you can transfer every kind of data quickly and
loss-free into eluCad. So you can connect it all.