eluCad is a software package for profile processing. The user must not do the programming, but rather just enter data. EluCad is characterized by operator-friendliness, flexibility and practice-oriented functionality. Thanks to numerous optimisations, users can work faster, more accurately and more cost-effectively. eluCad is in successful use in many industries worldwide. Read more› >
3D-Import Do you work with 3D models? The module detects profile processes automatically and programs them in just seconds. Time-consuming, error-prone data entry by hand is eliminated. This module is a quantum leap forward in profile processing and a miracle at the click of the mouse. Read more› >
Rod optimiser Less waste – more profit: Bar optimisation helps with this daily. Sometimes the module is used for other purposes: For example, making the order feasible with the number of fixtures available on the machine.
Rod processing The module can be used to fabricate single parts from the profile rod placed on the machine. Mill and saw on a single machine – profiles no longer need to be carried back and forth between the saw, the drilling machine and the profile miller. Modern working methods: Instead of three machines, you just need one. Read more› >
Clamp management Das The module optimises the positioning and movement of fixtures. Effects: Much faster profile processing, profile surfaces are treated gently, increased protection from collisions. The machine operator still has the option of changing the fixture positions manually if desired. Read more› >
Interfaces eluCad is the bridge between the rod processing machine which executes processing programs and the programs for design and work preparation that are used to develop product ideas. We are interface experts, and can write conversion programs for software used upstream of eluCad. That lets your data flow work quickly and without losses. Read more› >
Takten Do you want to fabricate small parts from aluminium profile rod? With processes – possibly even on the face? No problem with eluCad and the software cycling module. The automatically running process must not be monitored by the machine operator. Read more› >
Software maintenance contract Use updates immediately, to work faster, more accurately, more safely, and more simply. Preferred help, fast support – an offer with the software maintenance agreement we recommend to all eluCad users. Numerous additional advantages. Read more› >
Hotline agreement Just for new users: The hotline agreement secures a one-time discount on 6 months of cost-effective support by telephone or TeamViewer. After that, we recommend you our software maintenance agreement.